wodies-best-exercise-gloveWith the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio in full swing, sports fans all over the world will be glued to their tv’s for the next few weeks to watch the many victories and defeats that are the Olympic Games. The excitement of the games is contagious, and they are a great catalyst that can often times bring the fitness community together. Anyone who watches these stellar athletes give everything they have for their countries would be hard pressed not to want to get off the couch and head to the gym.

One thing all of the Olympic greats have in common is how much they rely on their equipment to get them to that gold medal. Just like you and your WODies (the highest quality workout gloves on the market), Olympic athletes have their favorite hand protection that they couldn’t live without. Just for fun, we wanted to take a closer look at three Olympic events where participants could use WODies, voted the best exercise gloves on the market, during their workouts to improve their chances of medaling.


It’s a no brainer that Olympic weightlifting and WODies would be a match made in heaven! Olympic weightlifters spend hours each day beating up their hands doing countless reps so having the best grip possible on the bar is essential. A pair of top of the line fitness gloves from JerkFit could give them that extra edge needed to take gold. The custom fit and ruggedness of our fitness gloves make them tailor-made for Olympic weightlifters whose hands ARE their sport.


The extraordinary Simone Biles has captured the hearts of every American after capturing 5 gold medals. Her outstanding performance at the Olympics has solidified her place in the hall of greats alongside those such as Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comaneci. Having a great grip on the bar is an absolute must for a gymnast. A pair of WODies would be a great warm up glove or supplementary glove for when gymnasts are doing strength training in the gym to build strength and stamina. A pair of the best exercise gloves in the world could help her squeeze out a few more reps in the gym, which could be what gives her the edge on competition day.

Track and Field

The fastest runners in the world do a lot more then running to prepare for the Olympics. Great sprinters like Usain Bolt spend hours in the gym lifting weights to develop their phenomenal speed and strength to cross that finish line. They need tough workout gloves like WODies to get them through rep after rep, day after day. The athletes in the field events like shot put gold medalist Michelle Carter especially rely on high quality fitness gloves to build the muscle needed to beat out their competitors. Wearing a custom-fitted pair of workout gloves could make all the difference between gold and silver.

All athletes, whatever sport they play, can take their fitness to another level with the right equipment. WODies are made in America and are the highest quality workout gloves on the market. These high performance fitness gloves give athletes that custom fit they need to attack their lifts during workouts. What sets these gloves apart from all other gloves on the market is they give athletes the piece of mind that they are going into their workout with the PERFECT grip. WODies…Make Hands Happy!