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Primal Focus Lion's Mane Extract


Product Description

Power Through Your Day with Laser-Like Focus and Enjoy Mental Clarity with Our NEW 'SMART MUSHROOM' BRAIN BOOSTER!

Get Powerful Adaptogenic Support to Help You Increase Focus, Reduce Workout Fatigue, and Achieve Peak Performance In AND Out of the Gym! 

ATTENTION: Men and Women Suffering from Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue

The ULTIMATE Focus Booster!


  • Reduce Brain Fog
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Eliminate 'Noise' for Better Focus
  • Increase Workout Recovery Times
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress


Lion’s Mane is the only adaptogenic mushroom with brain-boosting abilities. It’s been nicknamed the “Smart Mushroom” because it can improve mental clarity, mental processing speed, and also supports nerve health†. 

Made with Organic Lion’s Mane, B12, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, and Rosehip, Primal Focus Lion’s Mane is a natural powerhouse of antioxidants and compounds that can give you laser-like focus for hours, fight fatigue and convert fat into fuel efficiently3 for better performance.

Keep Your Brain Sharp, Stay Focused, and Be More Productive... No Matter What the Day Throws At You!

Think about how many times you’ve started a project, only to find yourself being bombarded with distractions that you never finish the task…

Or how many times you’ve woken up with a serious case of brain fog which makes it hard to focus on anything until the fog clears…

Or how many times you’ve tried to push through a tough workout but couldn’t stay focused on each rep to really make it count...

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, it can be even more difficult to stay focused and be productive.

For many people, staying focused is one of the biggest challenges of the day. But now, there’s a NATURAL way to fire up your brain so you can:

Just imagine how easy it would be to win the day if you didn’t have to work so hard to stay focused...

At Jerkfit, we believe in developing and providing only the products that truly have a positive impact on our customers lives. After discovering the incredible benefits of Lion’s Mane ourselves, we HAD to share it with the Jerkfit community. This all-natural supplement has changed OUR lives by helping us stay focused and get more done as we run our business to better serve our amazing customers. 

Plus, since we don't have a lot of time in the day to work out, we need all of our workouts to be super efficient and focused. Primal Focus helps us get back to work with the same focus and intensity that we had before our workout!

So whether you’re putting in long hours at work, pushing yourself at the gym, and living a high-stress lifestyle, get the extra focus and energy support you need with Primal Focus Lion’s Mane!

When you win the day at work and get a solid workout in, your life just gets better and better. It's like a compound effect that increases your quality of life and affects everything you do.

How Does Primal Focus Work?

This potent blend of natural superfood ingredients and extracts is just what you need to clear up brain fog, stay focused, and support your high-performance lifestyle. Here’s how...

A top choice for biohackers, endurance athletes, and high-performance lifestyles

With Primal Focus, You Can Stay Focused for Hours and Power Through a Stressful Day with Ease!

  • Scientifically-Proven Nootropic Can Help Increase Energy, Power and Performance7
  • Made With Ingredients that Stimulate Natural Growth Factor (NGF) Production For Cognitive Health6
  • Contains Compounds That Can Speed Up Recovery Times2
  • ​Ideal for Busy Professionals, Crossfitters, Weight Lifters, and High Endurance Athletes
  • A Must-Have for Anyone Dealing with Brain Fog or Mental Fatigue! 
  • Helps Create a State of Calm and Extreme Focus
- How long it will take?

The amount of time it takes to notice may vary, but many report an increase in focus and mental clarity within as little as 30 minutes.
The short time effects depends on your specific metabolism but can last from a few hours, all day, or even longer.

- What are the ingredients of Primal Focus Lion's Mane Work?

For the full list of the ingredients in Primal Focus Lion's Mane, please review our "Supplement Fact" sections

- How Does Primal Focus Lion's Mane Work?

Primal Focus Lion's Mane was designed to stimulate Natural Growth Factor production to boost cognitive health and support a more balanced regulatory system.

- How much should I take in a day?

It's recommended to take 3 capsules per day with 8-12 oz of water.

- Can I take Primal Focus Lion's Mane if I have dietary restrictions?

Primal Focus Lion's Mane is gluten free, soy free, caffeine free and vegetarian.

- Can these be taken with prescription medication?

Consult a physician prior to using product if you are taking medications or have a pre existing medical condition.

- Who should take this supplement?

Primal Focus Lion's Mane is perfect for busy professionals, crossfitters, weight lifters, and high endurance athletes.

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