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March 11, 2020 2 min read

I wanted to talk to you about your grip.  Or actually, your lack thereof.

Did you know one of the MAIN reasons why so many people plateau at the gym?  You might be surprised to hear this, but it will probably ring true for you, too.. Its grip strength.

Imagine this scenario: You're attempting to max out your heaviest deadlift, or heavy dumbbell shrugs, pull-ups, or seated cable rows for example.  

You pick up the bar and you start hitting your reps and then all of the sudden you feel your grip start to give out.

Your body may feel like it has 2-3 more reps in the tank, but your forearms just can't take it and you drop the bar. Happens to all of us...

Well guess what?  You've just ROBBED yourself of those last few important reps.  And anybody who knows, when it comes to making gains, its not the first two reps that count, its the last two!

When you deny the muscles you're training the chance to fully fatigue, you inhibit their ability to fully break down to repair (AKA muscle building) and thats what causes frequent prolonged periods of plateau.   

You shouldn't be surprised.  How can you expect your forearms to ever be as strong as your larger muscle groups like your thighs, or back?  You simply can't!

While it is extremely important that athletes work on their grip strength, (and there are many ways to do that) in circumstances where your grip strength actually hinders your ability to MAX out on certain lifts, its more important that you eliminate that hindrance or you're going to be spending a lot of time in plateau land.  

That's why you want to have certain tools at your disposal that will allow you to hit your PRs on the regular without your grip getting in the way.

We've got JUST THE TOOL, and it takes 80% of the strain off your forearms so you will hit EVERY LAST REP.  

They're called DEATH GRIPS.   

Check out this very short video below to see how they work.

Don't let your grip strength hold you back from all those gains!  

You will be shocked how frequently you will hit new PR's!  

I wish you all the best in your fitness journey.

Jeff Hunter
Founder/CEO JerkFit


PS. I love talking about grip strength. If you have any questions or feel like a having a healthy debate about this topic, please don't hesitate to email back!

Agile Collaborator
Agile Collaborator

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