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I wanted to share a personal story with you about my fitness journey and how it has unlocked so many other parts of my life.

 I’d always been one that dabbles in fitness. I was usually in decent shape but...

The day is ending, you had no time or chance to make it to the gym and you’re needing to get a quick one in before bed.
Resolutions, we all make them.  Whether it be making a significant change to start a new year, or a new job, or when you finish a project, or when you have extra lbs to kill.
I’d like to first start off by genuinely wishing you all a Happy New Year. It’s hard to believe just 9 months ago...
I'm not here to add any more fuel to the hype about the Corona Virus that is quickly spreading..
I wanted to talk to you about your grip.  Or actually, your lack thereof.