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I believe I requested an extra-large knee sleeve for both the left knee and right knee. I received a large knee sleeve, although the sleeves appear to provide relief, I still would have wanted an extra large. The hand grip for strengthening the hand, the center piece falls out and I have to keep track of its whereabout. Other wise the order was filled in a timely manner, for that Ithnak you.

Bullet proof grip!

Absolutely love my new Heavy Lifting Straps! Ridiculous how easy it was to grip the bar and made the initial movement of the bar feel effortless. Hit two PR's back to back weeks, when I was plateau for too long! These are my new go to on heavy dead lift days. Looking forward to big gains with extra reps with zero grip fatigue.


I like the design with one exception : the throw is to short . It seems as if the whole hand is not being worked .


Theyre too thick and hard to maneuver while i wear both of them

Way Better then Traditional Lifting Straps

I’d been using traditional lifting straps for years and years and years, and was content! I like to keep up on new technology and came across the Jerk Fit Heavy Lifting “Straps” and was amazed how easy and secure they made my shrugs, pull ups & any other pull exercises! If you don’t have a pair, buy them (they’re decently priced) My only request is that they make a version for a fat bar!

These are my favorites grips

Love the texture, size m fit well.

Death grips heavy lifting straps

Death grips heavy lifting straps are amazing. They give a huge elevation to the grip game when I am doing heavy back exercises. They are easy to set up onto the bar and are very strong. They look amazing and I have already gotten compliments for their look. The only thing I would change is to add a bit of padding on the inside of my wrist because the rubber bottom rubs and hurts my skin after a while of use. I love these things and I know I am making gains that I couldn’t make without them so thank you to JerkFit for making these!

Not bad but horrible smell of rubber and kinda digs into your wrists

The best one

Las mejores que he tenido

Add more reps to your sets

As a beginner lifter i have fairly weak grip strength and for a guy pretty small hands so i struggled with lat pulldowns and pull ups cause my palms would hurt.
Got these grips and problem solved, added a full working set to my program.
The only thing i can complain about is sizing. I got Ls according to the sizing chart but need to put them REAL tight so i think i could've even bought an S. But i can still use them, plenty of velcro so it's a minor complaint.

Unleashed the gains

My biggest issue with pushing myself at the gym was wrist injuries. Why he's been afraid of "PUSHING TOO HARD"
But that is why we go in the first place, I was able to do my first set of one hundred pull ups in less than a half hour, all thanks to these straps. I will recommend them to anyone, Great product.

Not delivered

I have not delivered the items since 19th May although order is confirmed on 9th May 2024. Today is 31st May 2024. There is no details about the shipment company or courier.

Hard to wrap around barbell and even dumbbell

I don’t think they are suitable for T2B or Pull-ups . It is difficult to wrap them around a barbell or DB . It is possible with assistance but realistically you can’t ask for assistance when you are working out .

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Death Grip Premium Heavy lifting straps becuasae I was tired of using the traditional lifting straps. I hapyy to say that I'm a vert satified customer. You can as they show in their infomercial that you can a lift a bar with your palms open a lift a bar. Also you can really tighen them down very quickly adter some practice; it didn't take long to get use to them. Go price for a greta product.

love em

so fast and easy to get into. I can already tell they will last a decade plus!

The Grips of a Lifetime

The greatest grips EVER!!! What can you say about or add to a product that is as perfect as death grips except 1 thing. They could have had an angel on them and could have been called Life Grips lol

Order not received


I have still not received my order.

Never going back

I bought these grips as a last resort and I can say that it has improved my performance in the gym

Best Grips I’ve tried

These grips are amazing! I can string together more pull-ups with these and so much more comfort on my hands when deadlifting!


Been using them for almost a month now and I love them. They are like versa grips but look better and have the same durability 10/10 would recommend!

Great product

Well thought out design and excellent fit! These grips have enabled me to push harder through my sets of muscle up’s and ring muscle up’s. Must have tool for athletes.

I never received my order

Great product

Amazing feel!!!



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