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Mens JerkFit Camo T-Shirt
Michael Carpino
Fantastic products !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Jerk Wraps are the best lifting wraps I have used in 40 years of lifting.


I absolutely love the jerkfit death grips
Super satisfied with my order
Will be returning soon to buy more!

From a musician

I love there for working out but I play saxophone professionally and I love to use one of the design grips to carry my instrument for long periods of time through the airport, it’s taken a lot of strain off my fingers so I can perform with less tension. I also love your thumb guards for us woodwind players. From the gym to the airport to the stage I’m a very happy customer! I’ll be getting my bestie a pair to use in the gym with me as well.

Leilani Campbell

I got this for my son. He loves too workout. He also has the death grips too

Chris Peterson
Death gripps

Awesome wrist straps. They are very strong made and comfortable.

WODies Workout Gloves (Pair) for Bodybuilding, Fitness and CrossFit Gloves

Buy the Nubs

Even if your hook grip is fine with the WODies, you should definitely use the Nubs for the extra support for the grip. I feel the difference in my thumbs for the thruster, push jerks, cleans, and push press. I used the sizing guide as you do want them snug and to not slip off, but they were a little hard to break in at first. I didn't know what they were supposed to feel like at first, but after a few sessions of weight training, they started to feel broken in and less stiff. I will buy another set as I can see how they can easily wear down from use.

WODies are the Best

I love this workout grip. Not only give you good wrist support and protection, but also, stylish and cool!
Been using them for 4 years now. The Best!

Been buying them for years.

Only grips I’ve used the last 8 years. This is my 4th pair.

Super easy on/off straps

Lifting straps are so easy to put on and zero break in down time. My only complaint is I wish they came in xsmall or more catering to females smaller hands.

JerkFit RTB Weight Belt
Esperanza Ramirez
Amazing RTB Weight Belt !

My Husband really loves this belt it is a great fit and adjustable. Really well at holding sweat. This weight belt is affordable and worth it . Thank you guys for making such great products !

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Gave me the ability to lift better and heavier

I’ve been frustrated about not being able to grip the bar for deadlifts knowing I could go heavier than my grip allowed. After getting my grips I went from losing my grip at 135 to being able to lift 225. I can’t wait to see what gainz I can achieve now that I have my grips!

Great 😊

I love the products I received they are going to last me a long time 💚🥰

Rebecca Ortega
Soft hands!

Absolutely love the sandbar! Easily smooths out the callus without making my hands feel tender. Already recommended it to my fellow gym friends!

Better than ever!

The updated raw grips do not disappoint! As protective as the originals, zero break in period, and the Velcro seems strong!

JerkFit 4-Way Stretch Athletic Tape (4 pack)

WODies Workout gloves

Having only one hand I try to not destroy it. These fit perfect, cover my palm, give wrist support, and allow me to still use my fingers without pulling them off non stop! Do yourself a favor a snag a pair!

Jerk Fit Baseball Cap

I Love this Cap. It holds it's shape, it's Great Looking and it starts a lot of conversations, because evryone wants to know "What is Jerk Fit!

JerkFit Athletic Towel w/clip
Tristan Makowski

JerkFit Athletic Towel w/clip

Wodies for Crossfit

The best gloves in the market for crossfitters

WODies Workout Gloves (Pair) for Bodybuilding, Fitness and CrossFit

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Nubs (Pair) Thumb and Finger Sleeves for the Hook Grip
Little Debbie Lifter, Niagara Falls
Still the same review

Already did this.

Best Woodies Ever

Very good hand protecion for crossfiters
The best ever
Already have 5 pairs



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