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JerkFit Athletic Towel w/clip
Tristan Makowski

JerkFit Athletic Towel w/clip

Wodies for Crossfit

The best gloves in the market for crossfitters

WODies Workout Gloves (Pair) for Bodybuilding, Fitness and CrossFit

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Nubs (Pair) Thumb and Finger Sleeves for the Hook Grip
Little Debbie Lifter, Niagara Falls
Still the same review

Already did this.

Best Woodies Ever

Very good hand protecion for crossfiters
The best ever
Already have 5 pairs

Thumb sleeves... so handy!

Why didn't I think of this myself? They save time and work great—exactly what I wanted. Thank you!


They are great, but I have one suggestion. My fingers around the joints are developing callouses. It would be nice if the grips could somehow extend to mid finger.
Kim Nesbiit


I borrowed one of my husband's nubs to protect a finger from grips that needed to be replaced. Worked so well, I ordered my own. Very happy with the purchase. They do a great job of protecting my fingers.

Love the Wodies

I like these because they are great for gymnastics movements and every day lifting. This is my second pair!


love these so much, perfect fit for my small palms, material feels amaazing, i only had them for 1-2 weeks but they still feel new every wear

My favorite lifting day item

This grips right here!!!! Oooooiiiii when you ready to lift you put this in and eat.

Love the Wodies

Third pair and love them
Nubs, jury is still out. Maybe i need a larger size.

The best Hook-Grip Thumb Covers ever.

These are the best thumb cover I ever had.
The just suit my thumbs perfectly and remove all the hassle of putting cloth tape on them.
They also stay put thru the whole workout while the cloth tape is not.
Definitely highly recommended!!

Slippery when wet

They work great just get slippery when your sweat gets on them. I don't use chalk, so maybe you could make some with some dry cloth or nonslip material on the palm side of them. Might be worth trying. Other than that, they work great.


Second pair, purchased. They last a long time, but you will see obvious wear and tear the more you use them. I would say that durability is the main issue you will run into. This is a good lightweight grip that will help prevent rips. Would buy again, but if you are looking for something more heavy duty maybe opt for leather.

Love Them

Great product for protecting your hands anytime on a bar.

Knee sleeves

Made very well. More durable than previous sleeves I've owned.

Death Grips ROCK!!!

Death grips work better than advertised. Very pleased with their functionality and durability so far.

JerkFit Crew Socks
Carlos Zuluaga
not the greatest quality

after a month already has holes. I love the design.

So far so good.. I been using the old school lighting wraps. They worked but put a lot of pressure on wrists.. so I decided to try the death grips. I love them so far, they seem to be made strong,,they fit perfectly, I was doing deficit deadlifts of 315 .. I could all most let go of bar.. there were no issues with straps.. didn't feel them pulling on my wrists .. when this par gets wore out ,I plan on getting new par.

Hand saver!!!!

Fantastic grips for free styling. They absorb sweat and hold chalk perfectly and have perfect finger fit. I will 100% order another pair when needed.


I've got 2 pairs of WODies, sweatbands, jump rope, water bottle, and hat. Yeah, I'm a GA. Products are exceptional and very well made! I HIGHLY recommend JERKFIT and their different products!


I recently ordered the WODies combo grips and wrist wraps. I really enjoy using them for all the workouts I do. Even though I'm still breaking them in they are comfortable and help my hang on to the barbell better.



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