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This works great. Not sure if the strap is supposed to be tight or just a little snug. But grip is great with these.

Best Gloves Ever

These weight gloves are the best. I really don't get anything else. They last a very long time and can handle a beating. I like that they only cover my palm, keeps my hand cool and prevent calluses and they have one of the best wrist wraps that make my wrist feel stable and strong. The wrist strap is wide and strong and adjustable to be your perfect fit. I get attached to these bad boys...

Jerk grips

They grip yo! Love them

No brainer!!

If you’re looking for a super functional weight lifting grip then this is it! Very easy and quick to use and provides the death grip you need to isolate the muscle group your focusing on w/o burning out your hand strength!! I have tendinitis in both arms at this present time and allows me to push harder w/o furthering my symptoms. Would buy over anything out there. Highly recommended!!!!!!
Support your small business owners, they care about quality!!

Very nice. Improved my lifts and took the pressure off of my hands when I go heavy

Amazing grips

I’ve been a jerkfit customer for years, but this is the first time I purchased anything other than the WODies. The raw grips have been a game changer for me. I’m able to hold onto the bar longer and don’t feel like my hands are about to tear anymore!

Presents for wife.

Bought these grips for my wife to help with doing her dead lifts. She seems to really like them. Says it helps take some of the strain off gripping and holding and can focus more on lifting. Would purchase them again.

Death Grips Are Awesome

Purchased three sets of death grips for my family. We have all utilized them multiple times and love them. Great for helping with grip strength!

Elbow Sleeves

Incorrect size ordered. Sent it back for an exchange to a bigger size (from medium to large).

Natural Testosterone Support
Jake McShan

I ordered a second bottle because it is what I needed for regaining control of my body in my mid 40’s. No side effects whatsoever. I feel like I am able to stay motivated for exercise and work.

I haven't recived my order, it didn't arrive to my address

I absolutely LOVE these... total game changer!!

Best wrist straps for lifting ever!!

Absolutely takes all the pressure and tension off of your wrist. So glad I purchased these and will be recommending these to several of my friends in the gym. I have very tiny wrist and for a female that lifts very heavy during her workouts.. these have been a game changer!

Sizing isn’t very accurate

I followed the measurements suggested and they are just barely big enough for my wrist. I should have gotten a bigger size. They don’t seem bad just wish they fit better and now that I’ve used them I’m sure i can’t exchange them.

They work great

After having used many weightlifting belts, I must say this belt is the perfect fit, great quality and durability.

I won't train back without them now.

Absolutely game changing

A game changer

PR’d my deadlift by over 40 pounds on my first session with the death grips. Absolutely a fantastic addition to my workout gear. 110% would recommend them to anyone.

Omega Speed Rope

I have not received my order, so I can't give you a feedback

Death Grips

These are amazing I threw away my old straps. The grip on these are so awesome!!!

Death Grip. The real deal.

I have been lifting for two years now. And I find myself wanting to put the weight down because of my finger tips…but now that I have these amazing death grips, its made lifting so much easier. And…I can pull more weight than before. Real game changer.

Like pull days much more

These straps definitely help get in a few more reps on my pull days!



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