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It's a great strap

truly a game changer, just make sure you use them correctly--very important.

A truly awesome gift for woodwind players

Thank you for creating this thumb cover. I recently started playing my woodwinds instruments again but the pain on the thumb prevented long practice session. I am happy that on one of those frustrating session I found your produce. Thank you again

Perfect fit, great grip!

I've tried a couple of different brands including Victory Grips and Bear Komplex, and whilst they have great grip, I have always found them to be very bulky making it difficult for me to maintain a tight hold on the bar. Jerkfit rivals these in quality and grip but I find they fit my hands much better, these will be my go-to grips from now on!


They look pretty nice and legit. My hands feel comfortable in them. Looking forward to trying them out!!

Amazing product. Pleasantly surprised in the quality.

Jerkfit Death Grips

While it takes a minute to getting used to the grips, I must say that they truly do help when lifting, escpecially when lifting heavy.

Best Gloves Ever!

I have never had gloves like these- that are custom fit (you can cut the holes for your fingers to your liking) that actually help me to grip the bar without feeling like I'm pinching my calluses.

The material is thin but stretchy and the wrap is ideal for all of my overhead lifts, providing support to my wrists.

They are a must have for any crossfitter! I absolutely LOVE them!

Tear in grip

I use these grips for flying trapeze and they usually last a few months but this time one of them got a rip in it first time I used it

FLY GRIPS Ultra Premium Vegan Crossfit gloves

Death Grips Are The Real Deal

Bought Death Grips, wanted to see the difference between them and my conventional straps. All I can say is GAMECHANGER! Would highly recommend.

There great! Glade I chose these as my first straps

Great sleeves!

The reversible part is very comfortable!
Great support to the knees
Really comfortable in w.o.d and in strength exercises

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Great product

This product literally helps me lift heavier every time I use it. I left barehanded as heavy as I can and then I put the death grips on and I can literally go 50 pounds heavier. Great Tool for my weight training

These gloves are awesome! Having busted my hands up in the past my grip want there to get through my deadlifts. Was skeptical at first about using gloves and the price, but glad I made the decision to buy them. Increased my deadlifts by forty pounds and reached a max I wouldn't have achieved without the death grip gloves. They are also will made, thick and easy to use. Best purchase ever

Death Grip

They are Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great grips

I struggle with wrapping my brain around the typical canvas grips. So I got these. Defied expectations. I was able to lift 30 lbs heavier than usual. They are easy to use, comfortable, and stick great. It could be my imagination but the skull design gives me that extra it factor in the gym.

JerkFit Squat Neck-Pad
Squat Neck-Pad

A great neck pad! I have been doing Body Pump for years and the barbell squat workouts have been taking a toll on my cervical neck region; therefore, I thought it would be best to try a neck pad to see if it would help. After reading numerous reviews about neck pads JerkFit seemed to be in the forefront for comfort. After using the neck pad several times, my neck is no longer sore and I am able to add a bit more weight. The neck pad is comfortable and does not roll around the bar. I would definitely recommend this pad! Thank you JF!

Best I have ever bought.

Quality is superb. Very comfortable fit around wrists. The ability to attack a muscle and not worry about grip fatigue is gained when using Death Grips.

These are great

These straps are really great. They are a little tricky to get around the bar but they take the pressure off and allow me to lift heavier. Have already recommended to friends.

30+ pound results!

Works great
At least 30 pound increase on deadlift. This is a great resource in the gym.

These are awesome, I have serious wrist pain and these help with eliminating that. It allows me to get through a workout without having to lower the weight.

Rolls down from sweat and not enough support for the knee. The ones I originally have from another brand are much more supportive. Going back to those.

Awesome! Use it every day at work while I’m in the office.


They r exactly what I wanted and needed. Fit my small hands. And took a beating for many years. This is my second pair



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