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Love my death grips

Jerkfit Nubs

Been in CrossFit for 15 years. Used to tape my thumbs and wasted a lot of money on tape. Nubs do the job even better than tape an last for years!

Great Support

I bought these for my wife for dumbbell chest presses. She needed a little extra support for breaking through a sticking point. These did the trick. She's pushing heavier weight for more reps and sets and loving them.

Workouts are great, site needs work

I really enjoyed my short stint with a membership and saw some real progress. Given I only have dumbbells here at home, I was restricted in the amount of programs I could use - but the ones I did use, were great. I found the site difficult to navigate to find new workouts though. I will most likely be back

Size bigger

I biught size wrong but anyway is a very good governo. Thanks

Recommend these!

I really like the construction of these grips. I found them to initially be a little slick. But after applying chalk and wear they work well.

solid product and even better customer service!

I think the RAW grips 3.0 are a great product...I use them for pull-ups and wanting to avoid tearing up my hands over time. One of them arrived with a slight manufacturing defect, so I emailed the company. Jeff, in fact, emailed me about a hands-on CEO. He was very responsive and quickly replaced it! Just awesome customer service! Joe W

Love them.

Haven’t received my items

Reliable support when you want to live healthily

A great initiative. Training programmes for each career stage and tailored to planned goals. Great videos and editorial on the site. LIVING Fit deserves to be more popular. Importantly, the focus here is not on a chosen discipline like powerlifting or crossfit just looking after a healthy and functional body.

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lifting straps

Just used these yesterday at the gym during my deadlifts. Helps a lot, I mean a lot!! get them if you can!!

I love them!

I have long skinny fingers and wear a size six ring, 5'4 130 lbs, the small is too big doesn't fit my hands.


These are the best grips out there!!!

Adjustable Hrip Strength Hand Exerciser

I can literally prove my grip strength has increased. I’m deadlifting sets of 315lbs without straps and I’ve never done that before.


Hi Jeff
I would love to leave a review, but I haven’t received my order…

Not Received

I still haven't received the items yet.

WODies Workout Gloves (Pair) for Bodybuilding, Fitness and CrossFit Gloves

Well I shrug heavy. I can get up around 700lbs w regular straps, saw ur product a picked up 855 w em. Was very impressed, but first time out the stitching tore down the sides of both straps. Not complaining, I still got up more than any other product

Kettlebell Fundamentals Course
Dennis Kallivokas

Very helpful and convenient!

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Flow Strong Program
Matěj Kovář

Flow Strong Program

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I really love my gloves. The grip is great. I got lots of compliments on them.

Love my squat neck pad

I love my squat neck pad! My favorite thing about it is that it’s not big and bulky like other neck pads. It rolls well, sits well and provides just enough padding.

Empowering these Bad Hands to Go To the Next Level

After decades of arthritis, fused wrists and two extensive hand surgeries, the death grips allow me to actually lift weights at a level my body wants but my grip did not allow me to do. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

Keith Sanford
85 lbs dumbbells

Arrived in a timely manner .. comfortable grip...the rubber smell is expected and will fade in time .use of baking soda in workout rm helps.. fantastic....can't wait to buy 100 kbs

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