October 14, 2021 3 min read

I wanted to share a personal story with you about my fitness journey and how it has unlocked so many other parts of my life.

 I’d always been one that dabbles in fitness. I was usually in decent shape but never had I ever committed to becoming the ultimate version of myself.

 I was blessed at a young age (though it felt like a curse) with a super fast metabolism. I was VERY skinny, in fact people called me ‘twig’. I was not a fan of that title…

 When I started college at Arizona State University, I weighed only 130lbs at 5’10! I tried to put on bulk but it just wasn’t happening.

 Crazy how things sort of reverse as you get older… Once into my late twenties, my fast metabolism SLOWED down and I really started to put it on.

 But as a bartender in Hollywood, I needed to look and feel the part so I decided to commit to getting into the best shape of my life, and the only reason I tried CrossFit at the time was because I heard some of the workouts were only 20 minutes long!

 That was my lazy way of committing to something, ANYTHING that would keep me motivated. Boy was I in for a surprise.

 Never had I experienced workouts of that intensity. I was an absolute hot mess, you can ask anyone who worked out at that gym with me at that time.

I looked and felt like death.

But I stuck with it. And within months, my GF (now wife) and I were completely hooked and let me tell you, feeling and looking the way were began to unlock so many things in our lives.

 We had more confidence, energy, less stress, more motivation, and developing deep friendships with classmates.

 It was also during that time where we both were desperately looking for products we needed and nobody was making.

That’s when my wife got on her sewing machine and created for us what was to become our blockbuster product, WODies, and shortly thereafter, the game changing Nubs.

 And there we were… JerkFit was born out of our 1 bedroom apartment when neither of us had any business skills or ability. What we had was confidence, and motivation and products that we knew could help people like they had for us.

 We felt ready to take the plunge regardless of outcome.

Do you think that we would have started this whole thing being couch bound and lazy with just a good idea? If you think yes, well thank you for the compliment. But I know me.

 Quite simply, it never would have happened…

 I look back at that time as transformational. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

 It opened up opportunities that changed our life and our trajectory.

 We now are the proud owners of a worldwide brand that designs and produces products that take athletes to the next level.

 Its difficult to quantify the amount of athletes that our products have helped along THEIR fitness journey and the impact of that. But it is vast.

 Thinking back, had we not taken this plunge to COMMIT to making fitness a priority, JerkFit would never have even been a thought.

 That’s powerful stuff!


I feel so privileged to have this platform to write to you. I do hope that you will feel motivation from my story.

 You may not have any plans or desire to make the next best fitness brand… honestly I’d be afraid of the competition! But just the commitment alone to follow your fitness journey to new heights could unlock parts of you that you never knew was in there.

 Certainly it did for me.


 Can you relate in any way? I’d love to hear from you.


All the best in your fitness goals!


Jeff Hunter

Co-Founder/CEO JerkFit LLC

Jeff Hunter
Jeff Hunter

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