July 15, 2021 3 min read

Resolutions, we all make them.  Whether it be making a significant change to start a new year, or a new job, or when you finish a project, or when you have extra lbs to kill. But why is it often SO difficult to STICK to them, especially when it comes to fitness??  

It goes without saying that most resolutions people want for themselves is health and fitness related.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? The problem with that goal is that for most people its simply not focused enough.  

Its kind of like telling everyone, “one day, I’m going to win the lottery.” But in actuality, many people who say that don’t even buy lottery tickets.  So in reality, it’s a pipe dream.  You’ve got to pay to play or you’re never going to win. 

Same goes for fitness goals, you can’t just say “this year I’m going to get into the best shape of my life” but have zero game plan as to how that’s going to happen.  Again, it’s a pipe dream.   

In order for you to actually follow through on a fitness goal, you HAVE to have a PLAN on how that is going to get executed.  Working out is HARD, especially if you’ve not been on a routine for a long time.  Thinking you’re going to magically one day add a 7 hour per week fitness routine to your schedule is for the most part NOT going to happen unless you’ve got a plan. 

You have to literally create a new HABIT.  That means that you’re adding a new routine to your life that sticks.  In order to create a habit, it is said you need to do something at least 14-18 times to make it stick.  Are you prepared to do that? 

In order to create a Habit, you MUST start by having a clear goal in mind.  “I want to spend 30 min per day on the treadmill”.  Ok cool, that’s a decent start, but what are your goals?  Is it to lose weight, have more energy, fit into a certain bathing suit, or D. All of the above? If you have a goal to just run for 30 minutes, but not an actual a tangible outcome in mind, then you will lose interest very quickly and not create the habit.  

The goal is NOT to run 30 minutes per day.  The GOAL is to ‘lose weight’. To run on a treadmill is only the vessel, or activity, in which you can reach that goal.  So don’t confuse the activity with the goal, the goal is always the outcome.  Its what keeps you motivated, especially when you begin to start seeing results moving in the right direction.  THAT’S when habits set in!  

When goal setting, visualize the outcome you wish to reach. Create a journal and write down your GOAL on the first page along with what activities you are pursuing to reach that goal.  If its lose weight, how much? Will you need to adjust your schedule?  Will certain things need to be cut out? Will you need to adjust your diet, alcohol intake?  Write it ALL DOWN.   

Then as you start implementing your lifestyle changes, write down each workout, What did you weigh, how many calories did you burn, how much did you run vs. walk, what level did you run at and for how long?  As you progress, you will begin to see RESULTS. And that is what will keep you coming back.  Results are HUGE!  It means all the pain and suffering is getting somewhere and that if you keep at it, you’ll hit your goals in no time.   

After that?  Time for a new resolution! Only THIS TIME, you know you have what it takes to complete it. 

Wishing you all the best in your fitness goals! 


Jeff Hunter 

Founder/CEO JerkFit 

Jeff Hunter
Jeff Hunter

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