Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps

Ultra Premium Padded Lifting Straps for Dead Lifts, Pull-Ups, and Heavy Shrugs. DEATH GRIPS are the ultimate premium lifting straps PERFECTED. Sold as a pair.

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  • Elevate your lifting game with JerkFit Death Grips gym straps; Our wrist wraps for weightlifting provide unmatched grip and wrist support for maxed-out deadlifts pull-ups and more; Say goodbye to forearm fatigue with these top-notch lifting straps gym
  • Make your workouts better with our weightlifting wrist straps; Reduce grip fatigue by up to 80% and boost confidence in every lift with these essential gym straps; These weightlifting straps are the ultimate gym essential for men and women
  • Grab twist and pull with grip straps for weight lifting; Experience rapid bar control increased grip strength and secure wrist support with these weight lifting wrist wraps; No more dropping the bar mid-lift with these hand wraps for weight lifting
  • Made of high-grade PVC; Our hook grips for weightlifting are made of car tire grade rubber for unbeatable durability and grip; Comfortable neoprene padding ensures a pain-free workout with wrist straps for weightlifting
  • Unlock your potential with ergonomic design; Lift heavier than ever; with no more slips or discomfort; Reach your fitness goals faster and make gains with our lifting wrist straps; ; Comfortable weight lifting accessories for men and women

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product. Pleasantly surprised in the quality.

Michelle Culver
Jerkfit Death Grips

While it takes a minute to getting used to the grips, I must say that they truly do help when lifting, escpecially when lifting heavy.

Jack Rodgers
Death Grips Are The Real Deal

Bought Death Grips, wanted to see the difference between them and my conventional straps. All I can say is GAMECHANGER! Would highly recommend.


There great! Glade I chose these as my first straps

Michael Greenberg

Death Grips Premium Heavy Lifting Straps



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