JerkFit Black Camo Dip Belt

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JerkFit is known for exceptionally high quality gear, and this dip belt with a chain will exceed those expectations.

Fitness is all about setting personal records, increasing your max lifts consistently and getting in your best physical shape. A weight belt for dips and pull-ups is the ultimate tool to SMASH through those max PR’s. If you want to get stronger faster, YOU MUST increase the load on your muscles to absolute fatigue. Gradually add weight to the belt over time and try to hit or exceed your lifting goals, then on another day, completely remove the belt and just watch how many more pull ups and dips you'll be doing! It WORKS.

Made with durable and tough materials, this dip belt with a chain will last you a lifetime of use and abuse.

JerkFit doesn’t do generic, so we set out to not only create a weight belt for dips and pull-ups that lasts, but also to make it look slick. Every last detail from the black camouflage finish, to the rubber logo patch, we make sure you blast through your personal records while looking good doing it!


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