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Raw Grips Combo Size Chart

Raw Grips

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<p><strong>HOW TO SIZE:</strong></p>
<p>Measure from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger.</p>
<p>S: 0″- 3.5″ <br />M: 3.5″- 4.25″ <br />L: 4.25″-4.75″ <br />XL: 4.75″-5.25″</p>
<p>If on the line between sizes or prefer more material, size up.</p>


nubs size chart


See above size chart.

S: 0 - 15" (for very skinny thumbs or fingers)
M: 20 - 25 mm″
L: 20 - 25 mm
XL: 30+ mm (for THICK thumbs)

Sizes determined by measuring the width of thumb knuckle. If on the line between sizes, Females should size down and Males should size up.

*Got Questions about Nubs®? Check out our FAQs page.