Death Grips Combo

This is the ULTIMATE heavy lifter's dream combo pack of Death Grips, our RTB Weight Belt and Knee Sleeves!  With a set of Death Grips, you'll be lifting more weight than you've ever imagined, DAY 1, and with that you're going to need extra support and protection. 

Imagine crushing those heavy lifts, with all the arm, back and knee support you'll need.  

This is nuts.  Just look at the value you're getting.  Almost $120 worth of the highest quality straps, sleeves and belt for less than $100!  Are you kidding me? 

Size Chart Here

Death Grips Size Chart

Measure from the circumference of the wrist. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your wrist (directly over the wrist bone.)

The size of Death Grips is not determined by your hand size but your wrist circumference.

S: 5″- 6.5″
M: 6.5″- 8″
L: 8+”

JerkFit Weight Belt Size Chart

When purchasing a new strength belt, it is important to measure correctly.

DO NOT use your pant size to determine the size of your belt.

Use a tape measure around your waist, between your hips and ribs. Stop and start at your belly button.

Our strength belts are designed to be worn tight around one’s waste. The more secure the belt, the more stabilization and support it provides.

Small: 28″ – 32″ (71 – 81mm)
Medium: 32″ – 36″ (81 – 91mm)
Large: 36″ – 39″ (91 – 99mm)
X-Large: 39″ – 45″ (99 – 114mm)

JerkFit Knee Sleeve Size Chart

When purchasing knee sleeves it’s important to measure correctly.

When measuring, make sure you have a slight bend in your knee, about 30 degrees.

Drop 6″ from the middle of your knee cap and measure the circumference around your lower leg.

For a more snug fit, and increased support, go one size down from what the table suggests:

Small: 13″ – 13.75″ (33- 35mm)
Medium: 13.75″ – 14.5″ (35-37mm)
Large: 14.5″ – 15.75″ (37-40mm)
X-Large: 15.75″ – 17″ (40-43mm)



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