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The Ultimate Tool for Conditioning:

What is one of the most overlooked, underrated, and yet most important aspects to fitness training? CONDITIONING! Its how boxing champions last 10 rounds, football players go all 60 minutes, and how athletes like you get through those super grueling workouts. But why is it so overlooked? Because its hard, and requires a lot of repetitive work that doesn't necessarily show visual results. Just because a particular athlete looks shredded and cut does NOT always mean that they are in good CONDITION. Its why many of them gas out during tough cardiovascular workouts so quickly, and while a conditioned athlete who may not look as fit can easily outlast them. 

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One of the most important tools for conditioning is the athletic jump rope. Nothing gets your heart rate up and gets your lungs pumping faster. This trains your heart and lungs to push oxygen into your body more efficiently. The more efficient, the less the heart and lungs have to work, the more conditioned the athlete. Its why every boxing movie ever made shows a montage of a boxer skipping rope.

We obviously take conditioning very seriously and you absolutely should, too. That's why we created the JerkFit Omega Adjustable Speed Rope. This is not some generic jump rope. It was made to be not only one of the fastest ropes out there, but what really sets it apart is how easily it is to set up. Anyone who has used other speed jump ropes before can tell you that setting them up can be such a hassle, with all the little tiny nuts and bolts, you're bound to have them come loose mid workout. With our design, the cable goes in one hole and out the other, trim the excess and its DONE!

Master those double and triple unders with the JerkFit Omega Adjustable Speed Rope. Ultra fast, smooth spinning nylon bushings with a light and durable anodized aluminum handle and an infinitely adjustable PVC coated cable, LITERALLY NO TOOLS REQUIRED, this is a truly elite piece of equipment and the ultimate athletic jump rope for conditioning.



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